If you had any doubts about the capabilities of D-Link’s business surveillance cameras, this story should put them to rest.

A few days ago, a DCS-4603 Vigilance Full HD PoE Dome Network Camera caught several employees committing a very serious offense. A prize wheel for D-Link sales representatives was vandalized in broad daylight. The 3 MP indoor camera had its motion detection triggered by an employee suspiciously moving about the hallway. The camera proceeded to record the employee and 2 accomplices changing the prizes on the wheel in an attempt to make every single prize a half day off instead of other, equally valuable prizes.

“The fact that the DCS-4603 was able to capture such a heinous crime is a testament to its capabilities as a quality surveillance solution,” said Mike Hardy, VP of Business Solutions, D-Link. “Without this camera, we would not have been able to bring these employees to justice.”

D-Link is proud to make a camera that is capable of capturing such serious crimes. In addition to the DCS-4603, D-Link has a full lineup of surveillance products to meet almost any business’s needs.

For more information on the DCS-4603, visit http://us.dlink.com/products/business-ip-cameras/vigilance-full-hd-poe-dome-network-camera/.