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EdTech is on the rise thanks to the emerging world

Technology in education has had its ups and downs over the years. Many IT decision-makers in the education industry are well aware of the challenges faced by moving a vast infrastructure already in place in the United States and other countries in the digital future.

However, one area that many people may not realize has massive potential for propelling Edtech are emerging world areas. Places like Ethiopia, which are in the beginning stages of massive economical growth, have a dire need for improved education infrastructure. A rash of new startups dedicated to bringing digital learning and classrooms to these markets have recently begun to take hold.

Check out TechCrunch’s look into this rapidly growing segment of education technology.

Give IT a reputation of enabling effective business

“IT is usually seen as a cost center”. This could not be more true. When everything is going right with IT, the refrain seems to be “Why are we paying you?”. When things aren’t going right, “Why are we paying you?”.

It can often feel like a losing battle, especially if you attempt to make upgrades to your network or attempt to improve the overall UX for your organization. So how can you overcome these obstacles?

TechTarget has some great suggestions to address these issues. Click here to see how you can be seen as more than just a cost center.

Silicon Valley isn’t the only place fostering startups

When many think of the word “startup”, they immediately think San Francisco and the Bay Area. But there’s only so much space for new companies in that area. In the new digital age, companies from all over the nation are now springing up and attracting increasing amounts of funding to contribute to the technological boom of the last decade or so.

The American South is one such area that may be worth keeping an eye on. Click here to take a look at the breakdown of the South’s startup scene and find out which areas are the hotbeds of technological innovation.

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