Hill Country Memorial, a top 100 nationally ranked hospital, was worried about blind spots and uncovered areas in their existing and outdated surveillance system over the 130,00 square-foot campus. Working with a tech solutions company, Hill Country chose to go with D-Link to upgrade their system. After the installation of 46 indoor and outdoor D-Link IP cameras was completed within a week, the hospital was very satisfied with the updated solution, especially given that shortly after the system was setup a woman was caught on camera stealing items from an unlocked car. Thanks to the updated surveillance cameras the hospital was able to apprehend the suspect with the help of local law enforcement, who was also rather impressed with the system. “Community law enforcement says we have the best surveillance camera system in town and agree that our picture and resolution quality is excellent,” explained Doug Crenwelge, Safety Officer for Hill Country Memorial. “If someone reports an incident, we simply call it up and record it for archiving. It’s easy to use and the zoom works great – you couldn’t ask for anything better.”

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