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9 Ways To Encourage Reluctant Teachers To Use Education Technology

For those of you who have had experience in education technology and networks, you’ve likely run into teachers who just refuse to take advantage of the new technology you’ve helped make possible. But often times, you can’t really blame them. Technology in education often times flies in the face of decades of carefully crafted teaching habits. It also has a reputation of breaking down a lot.

There are ways to turn this narrative around, however. Click here to read ICT & Computing in Education’s blog that tackles this issue with 9 Ways you can get teachers to incorporate technology into their classes.

IT Automation: Not Just for the Big Dogs

It seems as though the next big frontier in I.T. networks is automation. Being able to decrease the amount of manual network changes and maintenance could save professionals a tremendous amount of time and money, and allow for increased attention on optimization.

Many think it’s just for the big players in the Fortune 100, but in reality smaller enterprises will be able to join this space soon as well.

Click here to read NetworkComputing’s look at the changes and proliferation of I.T. Automation in companies of varying sizes. We recently collaborated with Network Computing on a webinar focusing on rethinking the network for digital business.

Watch it here!

Seamless Connectivity and Mobility in Wireless Networks

Wi-Fi networks deployed at scale can be a tricky business. That’s why our engineering team collaborated on a technical brief last year explaining wireless network connectivity and how D-Link helps address those issues.

Check it out here!