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IT Budgets Remain Tight Due to Cloud Migration

Budgets seem to be a never-ending, uphill battle. I.T. pros know all about this. One of the most significant reasons why these budgets remain constrained is the result of businesses moving their operations from on-premesis computing to the cloud in an effort to decrease costs. 

NetworkWorld profiled a recent study that examined this shift in business networks that is beginning to mirror the consumer shift to the cloud.

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Hey Alexa, Can You Help Kids Learn More?

The classroom of the future is sure to be supercharged with technology. We’re already seeing it happen across districts nation wide. Now that voice assistants like Amazon Alexa are becoming more prevalent in people’s homes, some are wondering how they could help students in the classroom. 

EducationNext interviewed Kenneth Eastwood, superintendent of Enlarged City School District in Middletown, New York, a district known for its innovation in technology in education. They asked what an Alexa setup in the classroom might look like in his district resulting in some great ideas.

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Digital Epidemiology Takes on the Flu With Help From You

John Brownstein, chief innovation officer at Boston Children’s Hospital has created a digital epidemiology tool that helps health officials detect public health issues much faster and with more accuracy. It began with a tool called HealthMap that crawls the internet looking for signs of sickness and diseases outbreaks. It’s basically crowdsourcing data to help doctors and health officials respond to epidemics faster. Given this year’s flu outbreak, tools like this can be vital to health centers.

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It’s clear that things like the shift from on-site to cloud computing, IOT assistants establishing themselves in the classroom, and the digitization of healthcare functions that the network backbone is more important than ever. Solutions that can handle this data while providing a lower TCO to comply with the often constrained budgets are the go-to choices for these organizations.

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