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IBM sees blockchain as ready for government use

By now, you’ve likely heard about the blockchain, essentially a massive network of computers and servers that serves as a ledger for verifying cryptocurrency transactions. But did you know that the blockchain has potential that far exceeds its current use in cryptocurrency? Some companies, including IBM, believe that blockchain technology will eventually spread to other industries such as healthcare, supply chains, and government to effectively increase cybersecurity.

Click here to read about how IBM is urging the government to resist over-regulation so that blockchain technology in the business network can continue to be innovated.


More Thoughts from a Seasoned IT Professional and Security Rookie

We get it. Building and maintaining a network is extremely time-consuming. We work with partners and customers all over the nation on solving these network problems built up by over 30 years of experience in the networking industry. You can be the most tech-savvy I.T. pro in your organization with the ability to diagnose any technical problem, but if you don’t have proper procedures in place for implementing network building and maintenance, you’ll be left in a cycle of bad habits and perpetual mess clean-up.

Click here to read an informative anecdote from a veteran in the industry on how they came to realize that proper procedures are the foundation of any good network.


What’s an IP Rating?

Check out our blog post from last year explaining what goes into an IP rating for weather protection in IP Cameras. It’s extremely important to make sure you’re getting the right camera with the proper protection if you plan on deploying an outdoor surveillance system.

Click here for the explanation and the infographic!


Best practices for making sure that your network is both modernized and ready for whatever comes next (like blockchain technology) require a move towards a digital future. D-Link recently teamed up with NetworkComputing to put on a webinar entitled “Rethink the Network to Support Digital Business”.

Click here to access it on-demand and find out what it will take to move your network into the digital future.