Landon Oliver, technology network administrator for Joaquin Independent School District, was unhappy with his existing network infrastructure. “Our old mix of switches kept locking up and had to be restarted – almost every day – and they didn’t offer any Layer 2 or Layer 3 features,” said Oliver. “Our old wireless infrastructure was comprised of just Linksys® consumer access points. We had no VLANs, no multicasting options and everything was just on one big wide-open network.”

The Joaquin ISD needed to connect over 800 PCs and about 500 tablets, in addition to its normal student traffic. Oliver turned to D-Link for help — and was amazed at the results.

“I chose D-Link because they offered me everything I needed and nobody else offered me more for such an affordable price,” Oliver said. “D-Link offered all the warranties and strong equipment at nearly half the price as their larger competitors.”

To find out more about what D-Link brings to the table, check out the press release here.