Tech Brief: Open VPN

Here is a new Technical Brief from our engineering team on different VPN technologies, with a focus on Open VPN. The Easiest Remote Access Solution for Roaming Users (OpenVPN) The Internet has made a big impact on our business models with economic activities increasingly dependent on all kinds of network technologies. VPN (Virtual Private Network) is one such technology that we use today. For example, you might get an urgent call from your boss when you are not in the office, which requires urgent access to the company’s file server. This can be done in a few clicks from a client device to establish an instant VPN connection across the Internet. It provides a rapid, simple, and protected session all the way back to the remote office, and you don’t have to worry about the exposure of sensitive data because of its robust encryption and authentication mechanisms. Nowadays, there are various VPN technologies to choose from, but the potential pitfalls are that the technology is generally more difficult to understand. Most companies don’t know how to leverage the best VPN technology for their requirements without sacrificing features or basic security. VPNs require detailed understanding of network security and careful configuration. … Continue reading Tech Brief: Open VPN