This week at ISC West we announced two very exciting new PoE switches to our DGS-1100 Series Smart Managed line. The two new PoE models, 10-port DGS-1100-10MP and the 26-port DGS-1100-26MP offer all the same features found in other DGS-1100 Series switches, including essential Layer 2 switching options, energy savings, and easy management. In addition, these two new D-Link Smart Managed switches have been designed with specific features meant specifically for IP surveillance applications, including a customized “Surveillance Mode” user interface.

Whether in Standard Mode or Surveillance Mode, the intuitive Web based management interface provides administrators with an easy way to set up, configure and manage the switches. It also allows for monitoring and controlling PoE functions, including displaying real-time PoE power usage, setting PoE time profiles, and remotely rebooting IP cameras or access points from anywhere on the network, including over the Internet. Administrators can also configure and manage their networks using SNMP or D-Link’s Network Assistant Utility. 

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