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Subnet your way to success

Any growing business understands that IPv4 subnetting is one of the keys to expanding a network. It can improve network performance and security as well, making it a standard process to building out a robust business network.

But many IT pros know that IPv4 subnetting can be a very frustrating process that can hold up even the most advanced networks. Luckily, Andrew Froehlich from NetworkComputing and President at West Gate Networks has some universal best practices to ensure you’re subnetting the right way. Click here to read more.

Check out our webinar with Andrew as a featured presenter for more great information on rethinking the network for digital business!

Funding to train teachers on edtech has been tough to come by, until now

Frustrated with the lack of edtech training for educators? We have good news for you: help is on the way from Uncle Sam. A large increase in appropriations for the Title IV-A block grant in the new federal budget will now allow schools to dedicate more resources to training teachers and staff how to take advantage of the new tech springing up in classrooms everywhere.

While this funding doesn’t necessarily have to be used towards technology education for teachers, it falls under one of the three main emphases, including supporting safe, healthy, and well rounded students.

Click here to read more about the new $1.1 billion grant and how it can help with edtech training.

Also, make sure your school’s network can handle the new technology in the classroom. See how we helped a Texas school district overhaul their network.

Lifetime warranties for everyone!

Everyone needs a company that will stand by its products. Whether you’re expanding your network through IPv4 subnetting or putting the new edtech training funding to use, having a switch or an access point with a great warranty is absolutely essential.

We recently expanded our already market-leading lifetime warranties to our Smart Managed Switches, Unified Wireless Controllers and Unified Wireless Access Points. With lifetime tech support and next-business-day replacements, you can spend less time worrying about the state of your networking gear and more time on the network itself.

Click here for more information on our expanded Lifetime Warranty program.