This week we announced our latest case study featuring Pangborn Memorial Airport. The East Wenatchee, Wash. airport planned to upgrade equipment gradually, but a community partnership with the Sherriff’s office to conduct a full-scale mock “Active Shooter” training program at the airport prompted the need for a comprehensive installation.

The airport required full network performance and IP surveillance coverage quickly, all within a very tight budget. The previous Cisco® network gear was severely limited by 100 Mbps switching. Since the Cisco upgrade was too expensive, the airport began to explore a more affordable solution, and turned to technology reseller, Firefly Technology, for assistance.

D-Link’s high-performance switches and IP surveillance set the stage for better security and faster network performance to support a more robust network and increased traffic. The upgraded IP surveillance proved extremely helpful when the cameras captured high-quality footage of a vandalism incident in progress. Additionally, the active shooter footage collected from the D-Link IP cameras was used to create a recap documentary for future emergency responder training purposes. This network implementation went so well, Pangborn Memorial Airport plans to expand their IP surveillance system with at least three more D-Link cameras, including the outdoor dome camera to quickly zoom onto the runway.

“The setup was very easy, and now Pangborn enjoys way more functionality and faster overall networking speed and support for their new services,” said Meier. “Furthermore, with proactive alerts, our company can do a lot of the airport’s network management remotely, which saves us time and helps keep the airport’s costs low.”

To read the full case study, click below.