Today at TCEA 2016, D-Link announced two new 5-Megapixel day/night IP cameras to add to its popular line of professional IP surveillance and security products – the the 5-Megapixel Dome Network Camera (DCS-6517) and the 5-Megapixel Bullet Network Camera (DCS-7517)

With two form factors available – an indoor/outdoor dome (DCS-6517), and indoor/outdoor bullet (DCS-7517) – the cameras are ideal for the most demanding surveillance applications. To maximize bandwidth efficiency and improve image quality, both cameras provide real-time video compression using the H.264 and MJPEG codecs, and support three separate profiles for simultaneous video streaming and recording. This versatility enables a wide variety of security applications, such as monitoring public areas, enforcing access control to restricted areas, deterring criminal activity, or monitoring inventory.

The cameras’ digital wide dynamic range (WDR) video enhancement provides improved image quality in environments with uneven or difficult lighting, allowing easy identification of subjects that are backlit or in brightly lit areas. In low-light situations, the IR cut filter automatically slides out of the way to use all available light. Both cameras also have built-in IR LED illuminators, allowing the cameras to keep watch even in complete darkness.

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