Nowadays, you can find a variety of computers, smart phones and tablets in every home and office. Most of these devices are connected to the Internet, which leaves many parents worried about their kids’ online safety and many employers wondering how to block certain websites in order to increase productivity and meet HR criteria. It’s why many people search for terms like:

  • Parental control software
  • Best way to block websites
  • Web content filtering and management

While there are different ways and solutions to manage web access for devices connected to the Internet, many can be complicated and require detailed technical knowledge. For those looking for a highly accurate solution requiring minimal technical knowledge, D-Link has recently introduced a new solution: a Dynamic Web Content Filtering Licence available for our entire line of DSR Series VPN Routers.

Our new firmware for the D-Link DSR Series VPN Routers adds the ability to control Dynamic Web Content Filtering (WCF) to a network and only takes a few clicks to set up. This feature allows you to block certain pre-defined categories of content like “Adult”, “Gambling”, “Game Sites”, or “Malicious” on the router, so that anyone connected to that network will not have access to the blocked content. It’s similar to parental control software on the PC except it’s done at the gateway to benefit all devices (PCs, laptops, mobile devices) on the local area network. When a device on the network first attempts to access a website, the router looks up the URL in an automatic classification service database.  If the website belongs to a particular category you have filtered, such as “Gambling”, the site will be blocked and the user will be directed to an error page. These categories are continually updated in real time for the most effective results.

Dynamic WCF with D-Link’s VPN Routers eliminates the need for any parental control or content filtering software. It can be managed right on your router and is as simple as clicking on the categories you would like to block. This feature can be activated by purchasing a subscription for an annual fee.

Our (DSR Series) VPN Routers are also able to manage static content filtering. For example you can block “Web Proxy”, “Java”, “ActiveX”, and “Browser Cookies” or even block a certain keyword, all which is controlled on one device for your entire network.

For more information on D-Link’s DSR Series VPN Routers, click here.