D-Link’s latest NVR, the DNR-312L, continues to get praise. The latest review comes from Pinstripe Magazine and highlights include:

  • “Basic configuration is simple.”
  • “The DNR-312L NVR does what it does and does it well.”
  • “Viewing DNR-312L via D-Link’s NVR app on the Samsung Galaxy S5 Android or iPhone 5s device worked very well in our testing, I’m slightly surprised how well even.”
  • “D-Link’s DNR-312L Network Video Recorder with HDMI makes an excellent addition to your ad-hoc surveillance camera network.”
  • “Super convenient and versatile, the DNR-312L eliminates your need for a PC and the direct HDMI output allows you to take it [and] set it up anywhere you have an HDMI compatible screen.”

Read the entire review here or check out the DNR-312L product page.