Okay, I am hoping that title got your attention, and hopefully I can keep it for a little while.

With the Tolly Group, we just completed a test comparing our DGS-3620-52P with the Cisco 3560-X, and the results were more than I could hope for. Our switch performed equal to or better than the Cisco switch in every measure, including wire speed transfers, equal or better latency across all packet sizes, substantially better power utilization and significantly better price. Throw in physical 10Gb stacking and a lifetime, next business day warranty and this switch tells a compelling story. 


A clear knockout, right?

Not so fast.  Keep in mind, this is not the top of the line Cisco switch.  And while it sold plenty of units in the US market this year, it is not their best seller.  We chose this switch because looking at a combination of price and features, it was the closest match across multiple measures that we could come up with.  There are Cisco switches that would likely perform better, but it was our test, so our call.  Considering features and pricing, this was as close as we could get.  The fact is, the results are impressive.

Winning or losing was never the objective for this test.  

Most everyone knows D-Link as a builder of home and consumer products.  Not enough know the investment we make and the quality of the products we deliver on the Enterprise side.  This year, we intend to change that.  We are not out to beat anyone other than ourselves and the perception of D-Link you have in your mind. We’re out to change what you think D-Link is and what we deliver when we say “D-Link for Business”.  Our sincere hope is that in reading this test, it will help you consider D-Link as a credible vendor with capable business class products, and not locked into the D-Link you think you know.