tollycertifiedIn 2015, D-Link completed a test with the Tolly Group comparing our DGS-3620-52P with the Cisco 3560-X. Our switch performed equal to or better than the Cisco switch in every measure, including wire speed transfers, equal or better latency across all packet sizes, substantially better power utilization and significantly better price. Read more here

In 2017, we completed a new test with the Tolly Group on our DGS-3630-28TC Layer 3 Stackable Managed Gigabit Switch along side the Cisco Catalyst 3650-24TD-E.  Once again we matched or exceeded Cisco in performance on equal or latency across all packet sizes and better power utilization.DGS-3630-28TCIn addition to performance, D-Link offers a Lifetime Warranty and Next Business Day (NBD) hardware replacement on the DGS-3630 Series of Layer 3 Stackable Managed Gigabit Switches to further its commitment to product quality and long-term customer confidence. We are ecstatic with the news and wanted to share the that value you get with D-Link Business Class products go beyond price. Don’t compromise your network performance due a limited budget.  Trust D-Link with your business needs.