Natural disasters can play a vital role in catastrophic nightmares. From homes being wiped out, to power plants being destroyed, can we ever be well prepared for what mother nature may have in store for us? Perhaps not always, but D-Link can ensure that when natural disasters occur, we’re there to help you rebuild your networks in a jiff! 

Blue Bird Pears Inc. required a network rebuild after a fire destroyed one of the company’s main facilities. The fruit processing and packaging company needed to build a new network from scratch. AlarmPro, a leading systems integrator, seeked and relied on D-Link to design and incorporate much needed upgrades to support a more robust network and handle increased traffic. Not only were we able to rebuild Blue Bird Pears Inc.’s new networking infrastructure, we did so just in time for the upcoming harvest season!

The previous Blue Birds Inc. network was a patchwork of aging equipment, with unreliable performance that required hours on end for file transfers between local servers and off-site locations with very limited network security. Every hour of fruit packing is highly dependent on the network. If the network goes down, the entire operation stalls, resulting in lost productivity, spoilage, and a dramatic impact on revenue – often thousands of dollars per minute.

D-Link’s high-performance switches set the stage for fast and reliable network performance, and provide a future-proof solution that can accommodate increased network traffic, new capabilities and additional growth down the road. While Blue Bird Inc.’s initial automation deployment was dedicated to its cherry processing equipment, the company now plans to expand the network to include the remainder of the processing plant since Blue Bird Inc.’s operations are running more smoothly than ever – a direct result of their improved network.

“We had very little time to install this network, so the D-Link team was a tremendous support,” said Herrera. “They did everything from ensuring our products arrived on time – even shipping most of it overnight – to making themselves available by phone anytime we needed, and offering suggestions about the fastest and best ways to get things done. I can’t say enough about how much they helped us. Without them, this project would not have been completed on time.”

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