June 2016 marks D-Link’s 30th year in business, and we’re celebrating the brand and the story all month long! How did it all begin? It’s been a long, exciting journey. Ken Kao first broke the mold by building a company that created affordable, high-quality networking devices under its own name (rather than making use of an OEM). D-Link optimized the size of networking adapters (which, back then, could be as wide as 11 inches!), while providing an economical price point to consumers. In this way, Ken helped accelerate the global PC revolution.

Over the years, many people have asked us what the name D-Link means.  The company actually began life as Datex Systems, a combination of “data” and “exchange.” But we changed our name to D-Link when our core business took off: “D” for Datex and “Link” designating a network. D-Link’s Mandarin name means “friends networking together,” which is reflected in our mission statement: Building Networks for People.

The same passion for innovation that Ken Kao displayed 30 years ago still rings true for D-Link today. From dedicated Cloud services to our End-to-End Surveillance Solutions, from 10G Switches to over 10 million Access Points shipped, D-Link continues to relentlessly pursue technologies that make our customers’ lives smarter, safer, and more connected.

In 30 years, D-Link has grown from a group of seven friends to more than 2700 employees around the world. This month we celebrate that heritage, as well as the promise of another 30 years of leadership, growth, and passion.