Since its recent launch, D-Link’s free Central WiFiManager (CWM) wireless controller software has quickly become a popular tool for managing and controlling business wireless networks. Most D-Link access points are compatible with CWM, but there are a few exceptions. So when planning a wireless network, network designers should take this into consideration.

The following D-Link Access Points are compatible with Central WiFiManager. Note that in some cases this compatibility is specific to the AP’s hardware version.

802.11ac Access Points
 • DAP-2695
 • DAP-2660
 • DAP-3662

802.11n Dual Band Access Points
 • DAP-2690 H/W B1
 • DAP-2553 H/W B1 (2.4 GHz band only)

802.11n Single Band Access Points
 • DAP-2360 H/W B1
 • DAP-2330
 • DAP-2310 H/W B1

Support for additional access points will be added in the future.  For more information, please consult the product datasheets.