For the month of November, we will be featuring past D-Link case studies. Learn how D-Link successfully met our customers’ challenges and how we can help you. 

By installing a seamless, secure and easily manageable wireless solution from D-Link, the Town Hall in the City of Williams Lake can now provide enhanced access and portability to its staff , council members and visitors.

The Challenge
The Town Hall in the City of Williams Lake serves as a hub for the community. The 7,000 square foot, three story building houses offices for city officials and administrative staff, and serves as a venue for city council and committee meetings. However, the facility’s lack of wireless Internet access was hampering its ability to meet the needs of those it serves.

City administrators decided to install a unified wireless network in the Town Hall to provide enhanced access and portability to staff , council members and visitors so they could access the Internet from their laptops and mobile phones from anywhere in the building. The city contacted O-Netrix, a local D-Link reseller, to implement the wireless network.

“They were seeking a seamless, one-stop wireless solution, but there were some challenges,” said Ken Waters, service manager for O-Netrix. “There is a cement elevator shaft running through the middle of the building that would have an impact on the signal strength, so we had to consider logistics… In addition, they wanted to be able to control who has access to the network, so it was important that we had secure, layered switch with management functions.”

To find out how we overcame budget constraints to brought seamless wireless coverage to Williams Lake, check out the story here.

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