One of the latest trends in the IP Surveillance industry is the movement to the H.265 compression standard (also known as High Video Efficiency Codec, or HVEC). H.265 provides up to 50% saving in storage space at the same video quality, allowing significant savings in storage costs.

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Apple seems to agree that H.265 is the new frontier of video compression, as the introduction of their iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra software now allows users to choose the high efficiency standard to save even more storage than every before when it comes to photos and videos. With smartphones pushing the limits on camera resolution by introducing 4K, storage space is becoming more valuable than ever.

Now that Apple has thrown its weight behind HVEC, expect other technology makers to add support and create an even bigger demand for the enhanced compression technology.

With H.265 on the verge of breaking out into mainstream markets, D-Link continues to be at the forefront of the latest technology with our first IP cameras supporting the HVEC standard. We will soon be updating our 5 megapixel cameras, the DCS-6517 and DCS-7517, to support H.265 compression as well as several other new and improved features.


Look for these cameras with this exciting new technology to debut before the end of the year!