Have you ever made an error – an error in judgment, or in a decision, or in the timing of something?

I certainly have made my share of errors and indeed have paid the price for them. Some errors are more costly than others and in the Networking field we come across these situations quite often. Fortunately not all of our networking errors are costly (or painful), but they do serve as opportunities to learn something.

When dealing with data networks, our errors can be costly and very frustrating. Buying the wrong item, not properly assessing the needs of the network requirements, outspending the budget, not looking to future expansion needs, etc. are all situations I have come across. With those situations in mind, here are some things we can learn from others’ errors in order to avoid making the same mistakes.

Knowing Your Network

One way to avoid getting the wrong item is to “know your network”.

It is not uncommon for IT managers to take over a network created by a previous manager. If that’s the case, take an inventory of your network and all devices using it; doing this will provide the best information for moving forward. Often times using this information may reveal that some items are either being under-utilized or could be used in a more efficient place somewhere else in the network. That alone can save budget to be better used in areas with more need. After this information has been gathered, contact your D-Link Sales Representative for assistance in moving forward with the best solution for your needs.

Over-buying and Under-buying

Another network issue I have come across is people having a powerful managed switch that is way beyond their understanding or trying to use a bunch of lesser switches that are over-burdened with tasks better suited to a more powerful managed switch. This is another area where a D-Link Sales Representative can be very helpful. We have access to loads of product information and the experience to fit the proper solution for both budget and functionality to an existing network. With just a little bit of research and education you can avoid making an error in your network that costs you valuable time, headache, frustration and money.

Do the groundwork and you can be the IT Wizard you were meant to be. Also, remember that your D-Link rep is always here and available to make you look good in your network product choices! If you’d like to speak with a D-Link expert, call 888.331.8686 or email us at getmore@dlink.com.