Executives are peering into your IT department looking for places to cut budget… The response you give may go something like, “So, you want me to do W,X,Y, and Z with even less money than last year?”

We know it’s hard out there… Especially since you can’t exactly cut corners. That’s why we’ve made it a high-priority of ours to help IT departments save money when it comes to their layers 2 and 3.

Here’s 4 ways we can help:

1. Lower upfront costs – We’re often priced lower than our competitors even though we’re using the same enterprise grade materials in our networking products.

2. Free support – Unlike most of the networking vendors out there, we don’t have any recurring support fees that slowly but surely diminish your budget over the years.

3. Growth savings – Since our prices are highly competitive, and our support is free regardless of your organizations size, as you grow your department you save money over the long-term by using D-Link vs. other networking solutions.

4. Free on-site configuration – We’ll go the extra mile for you. If you need some extra help setting up at your sites, we can help, free of charge.