Devices are frequently updated and swapped out within a network, but what about the rest of your network infrastructure? Is it updated to meet the performances needs of its end-users as bandwidth demands continue to grow?  Don’t let costs or lack of resources stop you until a costly overhaul to update your network. Consider some alternatives on why you should upgrade your network more frequently.

Cost Issues

Getting a new switch doesn’t have to be expensive (at least not with a D-Link switch). Current networking standardizes common networking functions so there is no longer a need to be stuck with expensive proprietary equipment. D-Link has many options, varying from unmanaged all the way up to fully managed Layer 3 switches, and with those options breaking an IT budget can be avoided. How much productivity is lost with older equipment that is unable to utilize all of the latest technology available for your speeds and needs?

Some organizations take a phase approach to update their network, focusing priorities in their infrastructure first. This is a cost-effective way of keeping your network up and avoid end-user down times. Planning is important to figure out what you need today, tomorrow, and three years from now. 

Standardizing Your Equipment

Upgrading your network might be a good time to standardize your current mish-mash of software and hardware. Simplify your network with D-Link’s Smart Switches. The DGS-1100 Smart Managed Series‘ client-based utility discovers all D-Link Smart Switches within the same Layer 2 network segment, making initial setup quick and easy. This allows extensive switch configuration and basic administration of discovered devices, including password changes and firmware upgrades. Using a GUI interface, resetting your edge connections has never been easier.

Taking Advantage of New Technologies

When considering the advances in wireless options and capability there is much to be gained, mostly speed and reliability. Your 802.11a or 802.11g access point may still be working, but advances in network connectivity speed with 802.11n and 802.11ac can dramatically increase productivity, provide for increased security, and even open the wireless network to use for current media-heavy environments. From the Smart Managed switches to our Layer 3 switches there are also options for 10GB connectivity. Lots of potential for increasing speed from the core to the edge for a faster, smoother network connection

You are never going to try and use a PC with a 500MB hard drive on a modern network, so the days of older switches and wireless access points are long gone. Consider D-Link for getting your network up to the modern age. When the time comes to upgrade devices, don’t leave out a look at what is running your network as well.

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